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The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 15 - F4 Movie Bombing, Superhero Parallels and, er, GBBO...

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Well well well, the podcast you love but won't admit to listening to is back again. We're like that Power Rangers Movie thumbnail you keep scrolling past on your Netflix - quality banter but best kept as your wee secret for now.

For our 15th show, we cook up another audio treat for you all. Among other subjects, Tommy struggles to fawn over another Constantine series, Richard wonders how Mr. Fantastic's stretchy qualities translate to a gritty looking Fantastic Four movie and Greg serves up a recipe for disaster by neglecting to watch anything for Reading Watching Playing... well, apart from Great British Bake Off.

So what are you waiting for? Have a listen and let us know what you think!


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 14 - IF and BUST Reviews, News and the Hatelocker.

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If ever there's been a time to stop what you're doing in favour of something less productive, that time is now! Welcome back one and all to Epiosde 14 of what we fondly refer to as The Fortnightly Comics, Games, Movies, TV and Books Replayable Broadcast.

Aka, The Desert Whales Podcast.

This show is a doozy. Not only have we got a return for the Hatelocker, not only have we got cheeky little snippets of news from geek-world, but we've also got two - count 'em - TWO indie comic reviews. Imagine trusting us with a review, eh?! We're actually coherent and professional about them both to be honest. 'BUST' by Edinburgh based writer Dave Cook and the IF Anthology compiled by Peter Simeti are the comics in question, and we analyse them in detail. Amongst that wonderful lot we've also got other bits and pieces of we're reading, watching and playing.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our podcast. Ignore the sitting back and relaxing part if you're piloting a plane or using a bandsaw or something like that; in that case concentrate on what you're doing and allow us to chatter away in the background.


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 13 - Rocket League, DCU and BBQ (Big Beautiful Quiz)

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We're back again like a reoccurring case of herpes!

This time we discuss the brilliant yet horrifyingly frustrating Rocket League, Greg gives the Minions movie a bit of a doing, there's news - mostly from San Diego Comic Con - and another quiz takes place, this time with Tommy as quiz master. With the current scores at Richard - 1, Tommy - 1 and Greg - 0, can Greg pull off a victory to even the playing field? Will there be a surprise by the end of the podcast? Will the Tommy provide a fantastic quiz? Will the quiz have pop culture references? Will Zack and Slater escape detention from Mr. Belding?! Tune in and find out!!

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 12: Arkham Knight, Best Boss Battles and More

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Welcome back listeners to the only podcast in the world that is the audio equivalent of swallowing a fly when you're cycling your bike!

This time, we're all over Batman: Arkham Knight in Reading Watching Playing. We cast our opinions (SPOILER FREE) on the Dark Knight's final foray into the trilogy and discuss our opinions on why Rocksteady chose Condiment King to be the Arkham Knight.

We've got more news as well have a feature about what we think are some of the best and most infuriating video game boss battles ever!

As ever, get in touch if you like what you hear and we might send you gifts in the post for any kind words! Gifts include: half-eaten packet of Digestives, one blue sock and a picture of a seagull that Greg has drawn!


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 11 - Monster Fights, E3 News and a Noisy Table

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If you're looking for a podcast with Shrek fighting the Kraken, a discussion about cereal and a really noisy table we had the mic on whilst recording, you've come to the right place!

We discuss what we're reading, watching and playing, go over some E3 announcements and have a monster fight section! There's a worthy winner too...

As ever, let us know what you think once you've listened!


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 10! DC Convergence, The Hate Locker and Half-Marathon Running

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Like taking a big mouthful of seawater you just can't keep us down! The Desert Whales are back and into double digits! The tenth podcast is here, and it's ready for your ears.

On this podcast we have an open and honest discussion about what we've been reading, watching and playing, there's news in abundance with little tidbits on DC Convergence, the heir to Andrew Garfield's Spider-throne and some more Suicide Squads bits too. From there, we move onto a new feature called 'The Hate Locker', in which we all fight to condemn something we very much dislike to oblivion! There's also a little surprise return of a feature... listen on, friends!


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 009 - Battering Superman, MCU Chat and More!

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9th podcast in a row! Well what can you say about that apart from it's entirely expected after the 8th podcast and before the 10th.

This week we've talked about Child 44, Ether One, Attack on Titan, The SImpsons, The Marvel Cinematic Universe and other bits and bobs. We've also cobbled together a team of heroes each to take down a fully powered, bloodlusted Superman. Tommy throws a curveball in that section and makes a strong case with a seemingly innocuous team... one to listen for, comic book fans!


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 008 - Age of Ultron, Arkham Knight, Suicide Squad and More.

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Welcome once again to The Desert Whales Podcast! We’re happy to see you: a) again b) for the first time or c) from the bushes outside your house.

Well, what a treat we have for you this time! Reading / Watching / Playing, the bread and butter of the podcast, in which Richard and Greg talk about what they’ve been watching and reading whilst Tommy dissects in epic detail what game he’s been playing recently. We’ve got our News section - fast becoming a staple part of The Desert Whales audio diet - in which we discuss the Suicide Squad, Arkham Knight, The Punisher and More. We’ve also got a SPOILER-FILLED review of Avengers: Age of Ultron and believe us, you do not want to miss what we have to say about Fantastic Four’s appearance in the movie! Just kidding, we don’t talk about that. We do talk about Daredevil turning up though. Wow!


Episode 007 - Daredevil, News and Monsters

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We're back and surviving the world of podcasts each fortnight more precariously than a minor character in The Walking Dead.

This week we discuss Netflix's Daredevil, have our news section full of movie trailer news and comic news and we have a lovely wee discussion about creatures from games and movies!

The Desert Whale Podcast Episode 006 - Like A Big Sweaty God

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It Desert Whale time folks, and we're back once again like renegade masters!

This time round (after last weeks... ahem... show) we've got two new features and a regular feature to dish out more opinions with our word holes. There's the Reading, Watching, Playing section, the first new feature entitled 'News' (ten points to everyone who can figure out what that cryptic title might suggest about the feature) and 'Rise and Fall', another new feature in which we look at films/actors etc that started off well, peaked and fell down a slippery slope from there into oblivion.

Have a listen, as ever let us know what you think and we might even have a prize for the very first person to contact us on any of our social media outlets...


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Thanks for taking a second to read up about our podcast. You're obviously a smart and delightful individual!

Our podcast, at it's core, is essentially a dumping ground for all those conversations we'd like to be having about comics, TV shows, games and movies at work but work gets in the way. So we've put them all here instead! Fortnightly, we'll bring you what we like to call our opinions on these most entertaining of worlds and make crude attempts at humour while we're at it.

Regular features include what we're Reading, Watching or Playing,a quiz and our topic of the fortnight. We're also amateur comic book writers, with our first comic together 'THE PLIGHT' having been self-published recently. We're working on other stuff too.

It'd be our pleasure to have you as part of our audience and if you'd be so kind as to oblige, let us fill your ears with our voices!

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