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The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 17 - Everybody's Gone To Rapture, Airboy, News and A QUIZ!!

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No we've not spiked your drink, you're visiting us of your own accord and we're glad to have you back! It's episode 17 of our podcast, the audio equivalent of biting into an out of date Scotch egg!

We've got RWP (Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Airboy and a F4 film review), News and a QUIZ! The quiz has a weird little ending to it and we'd recommend listening intently to spot what we've done differently!

As ever, we're eager to here from you! Any feedback we're happy to take on the chin like a knockout blow from Ronda Rousey.




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Our podcast, at it's core, is essentially a dumping ground for all those conversations we'd like to be having about comics, TV shows, games and movies at work but work gets in the way. So we've put them all here instead! Fortnightly, we'll bring you what we like to call our opinions on these most entertaining of worlds and make crude attempts at humour while we're at it.

Regular features include what we're Reading, Watching or Playing,a quiz and our topic of the fortnight. We're also amateur comic book writers, with our first comic together 'THE PLIGHT' having been self-published recently. We're working on other stuff too.

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