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The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 10! DC Convergence, The Hate Locker and Half-Marathon Running

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Like taking a big mouthful of seawater you just can't keep us down! The Desert Whales are back and into double digits! The tenth podcast is here, and it's ready for your ears.

On this podcast we have an open and honest discussion about what we've been reading, watching and playing, there's news in abundance with little tidbits on DC Convergance, the heir to Andrew Garfield's Spider-throne and some more Suicide Squads bits too. From there, we move onto a new feature called 'The Hate Locker', in which we all fight to condemn something we very much dislike to oblivion! There's also a little surprise return of a feature... listen on, friends!



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Thanks for taking a second to read up about our podcast. You're obviously a smart and delightful individual!

Our podcast, at it's core, is essentially a dumping ground for all those conversations we'd like to be having about comics, TV shows, games and movies at work but work gets in the way. So we've put them all here instead! Fortnightly, we'll bring you what we like to call our opinions on these most entertaining of worlds and make crude attempts at humour while we're at it.

Regular features include what we're Reading, Watching or Playing,a quiz and our topic of the fortnight. We're also amateur comic book writers, with our first comic together 'THE PLIGHT' having been self-published recently. We're working on other stuff too.

It'd be our pleasure to have you as part of our audience and if you'd be so kind as to oblige, let us fill your ears with our voices!

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